Femisa – Objetos Perdidos Triball, Madrid

Femisa – where you find “lost” and new objects waiting to become part of your life again!
One of the discoveries I made on my last trip to Triball was this interesting shop. It is called Femisa – objets perdidos, which means “lost objects”. This is not a vintage shop but a colorful destination for all people looking for new inspiration to decorate their lives. They have agendas, washi tape, etiquettes, purses, clothes and much more.

For a first impression you should visit their facebook page. They have many pictures of their small and big, crazy and funny, useful and totally seducing things. Together they give the place, Femisa – Objetos perdidos, an atmosphere of curiosity, happiness and adventure. Shopping becomes a discovery of all the different products they have to offer and you cannot predict was is catching your eye next.

I got myself this light blue agenda from “Leuchtturm”.
The great thing about Femisa is that they offer quality things for nice prices. The brands they sell are not well-known but the products are great nevertheless. If you are looking for something pretty and unique this is the right place to go!

Femisa – Objetos Perdidos
Corredera Baja de San Pablo 8
28004 Madrid


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