From the Tech Scene…Solar Clothing

Just watched this Tech Crunch video on the Dutch Fashion Designer Pauline van Dongen who is creating clothes with integrated solar cells that could be used as energy refills for all your portable devices – Wearable Solar.


I am not yet convinced of the futuristic design of the clothes but the idea is quite promising. What do you think about wearing it?

Learn to think, learn to code, change the world!

I have been inspired by this video and it literally made me pick up coding some months ago. It turned out to be a bit of a love affair and every time I get better. I think everybody should consider to learn how to code just to be able to do simple things on their computers and understand them better.

All things new!

mobile madrilicious

After so many changes over the last week I thought it might be a good idea to introduce you to some new features on the blog. You probably realised the new layout and the better alignment of each object on the blog to the previous version. I have written a complete new theme including stylesheet and java-effects.

Besides the design, which has become more visual and less cluttered, I also included some new features. When we go from top to bottom you will see a new logo and  find a much simpler navigation bar without any submenus. There is also the current date for those like me who get lost once in a while. I probably should include the weekday…

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