Looking Back on 2014

Madrilicious Amsterdam

It’s quite funny but when you have a blog it is much easier to look back on what happened this year than without one. So writing a post about this topic starts with going back about 22 pages and reading my first blog post of the year. This year started with Essentials and after moving from Madrid to the Netherlands in the middle of the year, I had to size down on a lot of stuff to make it there sane. It went much easier after I found a good and cheap shipping service but many things didn’t make it here. Essentials have become my favourite words when it comes to have a functional wardrobe and home. Even now I hardly buy something without asking if it is really needed and where it is going to be stored.

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Dear Dr. Jones: Segovia #4

The Aquaduct Segovia Spain

Is there anything as fascinating as the aquaduct in Segovia? Maybe the pyramids in Egypt…

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Dear Dr. Jones Segovia #3

Segovia Main Square

Segovia Main Square

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Dear Dr. Jones: Segovia #2

Segovia Aquaduct Spain

Instead of love locks in Segovia they write the lovers names on the old city wall.

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Dear Dr. Jones – Segovia #1

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