Madrilicious Newletter #3

Madrilicious Newsletter

It’s been two months since I sent out the first newsletter and I don’t seem to get bored writing them. Writing newsletters is quite a difficult topic as you have to find something you want to share and write about on a regular basis. It is more a personal note to your readers than the normal blog posts I write. Therefore it took me almost two years to figure out what to put into a Madrilicious Newsletter that would be interesting beside what is on the blog. It also has to be something I can write about once a month without running out of topics. At the end I decided to write about my style tips, my favourite books, videos or articles, inspirational quotes and new beauty products I encounter every month. To finish it I give some sneak peek into what’s coming up on the blog for the next month. It worked well until now and I am sending out number 3 this weekend. If you want to subscribe follow this link, and enjoy.