Intercambios Madrid – The Best Way to Learn a Language and meet new People

Intercambio Night @ La Carmencita

Before I lived in Madrid I made my first experience with an Intercambio at Café Madrid, near Metro Opera, in August 2010. I got a message from an Intercambio host over Couchsurfing to join their meeting and his message sounded tempting: “You can meet new people while having a drink and practice languages”. I didn’t speak nor understand Spanish by then, and it seemed a good opportunity to meet new people from Madrid who wanted to speak English. In daily life and at work it is quiet impossible here in Madrid. The way an Intercambio works is the following: you go to a bar where they organize an Intercambio and look for the host. This person normally speaks Spanish, English and sometimes even more languages. She or he will want to know which language you speak, and want to improve, and after knowing a bit your profile, will introduce you to some people who want to practice languages like you do. Once I ended up talking to four Spanish guys in German while I tried to communicate in Spanish in a room full of people. It is not always easy to start talking in a foreign language but if you master it with strangers in a noisy environment you can do it with your friends in quieter conditions. Every time it will become easier and you feel more secure in the foreign language.
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3 Ways of Experiencing Flamenco in Madrid

Flamenco Show in Madrid

The best flamenco in the world to see is shown here in Madrid. I was surprised to find this information on the web but at the same time happy to live in Madrid and be able to go to a flamenco show here. The first time my mother came to visit we went to see flamenco. She got herself some old book where they told her about a bar, where they present flamenco in the back room. She got very excited about the idea and it’s flair of , so that I had to search for this place.

Actually there are many bars around Madrid where they have flamenco shows in the back room, and so it was easy to find something, at an acceptable price, that would make my mother happy.

I visited more flamenco shows later on when I went out with colleagues or other friends visiting me in Madrid and I made the experience that you can choose your audience with whom you would watch the show.

1) in the backroom of a Flamenco Bar with Locals and Tourists

2) with other Tourists  in a Flamenco Bar

3) in the backroom of a Flamenco Bar at a private show with Madrileños only
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Intercambio Madrid @ Carmencita Bar – The new place to be and speak languages!

Tuscan Burger

Discovering a new place to eat, meet nice people and have a good time is great. This happened to me yesterday at Carmencita Bar. Every Tuesday they have an Intercambio Night, where you can go and meet new people and practice languages. Beside that they offer brunch on Saturday (they say it is the best in town) and serve you delicious hamburgesas to a fair price. I found this place at Spotted by Locals, my first choice when I travel somewhere new in Europe.
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Den Haag Inside

Den Haag is probably one of the best cities to life in The Netherlands. You have the queen next door, most of the tourists prefer Amsterdam, a beach to go jogging or swimming in summer, international flair and coffee shops around every corner. The main attraction in Den Haag is the parliament (The Binnenhof) and its surrounding buildings.

The Binnenhof

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Riding a Dutch Bike

riding dutch bike

One of the things to do in The Netherlands is taking a bike and give it a try. Not necessarily on the street but in a park or along the countryside. The nice thing here is that without hills and mountains you can just go with low effort. If the weather is nice you can enjoy the landscape and understand why the Dutch love going with their bikes.
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