Looking Back on 2014

Madrilicious Amsterdam

It’s quite funny but when you have a blog it is much easier to look back on what happened this year than without one. So writing a post about this topic starts with going back about 22 pages and reading my first blog post of the year. This year started with Essentials and after moving from Madrid to the Netherlands in the middle of the year, I had to size down on a lot of stuff to make it there sane. It went much easier after I found a good and cheap shipping service but many things didn’t make it here. Essentials have become my favourite words when it comes to have a functional wardrobe and home. Even now I hardly buy something without asking if it is really needed and where it is going to be stored.

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Why you must be yourself #3

Albert_Einstein quote

Have you seen this old Kung Fu movies where the young climbs a mountain to find a wise old man and asks him for the meaning of life? I did and there was never an answer but the advice to go out and find it for yourself. For the last quote on Being Different I give you some wise words I like very much. They don’t tell you the meaning of life but might help you find it.

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Why you must be yourself #2

E_roosevelt quote

Eleanor Roosevelt was a very smart woman, every time I read her quotes it feels like the world gets brighter a bit…Now I won’t feel bad anymore if I get criticized, that’s just how it is, right?

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Why you must be yourself #1

John steinbeck quote

There are many reasons why it’s easier to adapt but I won’t tell you any of them. This week let’s focus on why not, again. But this time take a notebook and copy for your own good.

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Being different #6

Plato quote

There is always a price to pay for everything in life. Hard work, patience and stubbornness do not come with fun, flexibility and freedom. Today let’s talk about the dark side of being different.

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