When your hair gets mad at you – Hair repair products /methods

bad hair day repair methods
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Let me introduce some of my favorite products for rebellious hair days, weeks or lives. Get the Lion King under control and turn it into your loving kitten with these hair repair methods.

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Madrilicious Newletter #3

Madrilicious Newsletter

It’s been two months since I sent out the first newsletter and I don’t seem to get bored writing them. Writing newsletters is quite a difficult topic as you have to find something you want to share and write about on a regular basis. It is more a personal note to your readers than the normal blog posts I write. Therefore it took me almost two years to figure out what to put into a Madrilicious Newsletter that would be interesting beside what is on the blog. It also has to be something I can write about once a month without running out of topics. At the end I decided to write about my style tips, my favourite books, videos or articles, inspirational quotes and new beauty products I encounter every month. To finish it I give some sneak peek into what’s coming up on the blog for the next month. It worked well until now and I am sending out number 3 this weekend. If you want to subscribe follow this link, and enjoy.

House Tour #1

Vanity Vintage Mirror

As mentioned before I will be moving to The Netherlands this summer and say goodbye to Madrid. In preparation for that I am spending some time here already to get the new apartment look more like a home than a cave in the flatlands. Interior design is a lot of fun but also quite painful if you want to have it the way it seems to be perfect up there in your head and also if you are not the only one deciding on it. In the meantime between small fights about table sizes and cabinets I manage to do some productive decoration like putting up my first vanity. As I still have most of my stuff in Madrid it looks a bit empty but not for long, I hope. It’s a mix of things like this vintage mirror decorated with Sonja Rykiel for H&M silk roses, a jewellery doll and a random selection of perfumes and nail polishes. Past meets present in this first house tour.

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A piece of France on my hands

L'Occitane Handcreme

What started as an innocent idea of “trying something new” and changing my regular brand of beauty products, turned into some kind of obsessive behaviour latelty. I am putting cream on my hands like 10 times a day and then I start smelling them, like this guy from the “Le Parfum” movie in France. This is probably the L’Occitane effect,

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Preparing for summer…

Self Tanners Body Shop

I am getting more and more into beauty products and the latest experiment I started is self-tanning. This Body Shop self-tanning face lotion I bought actually by accident, I never had in mind to use self-tanners in the first place. Living in Madrid it is quite easy to get the sunshine necessary for a nice tan but somehow it is not that easy at all. Madrid doesn’t have a beach and the temperatures do not really rise that much until June to really walk around in a Tshirt and short pants or even a bikini at the pool. So normally I wouldn’t really get tanned before the end of July after two months at the pool after office hours.

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