Preparing for summer…

Self Tanners Body Shop

I am getting more and more into beauty products and the latest experiment I started is self-tanning. This Body Shop self-tanning face lotion I bought actually by accident, I never had in mind to use self-tanners in the first place. Living in Madrid it is quite easy to get the sunshine necessary for a nice tan but somehow it is not that easy at all. Madrid doesn’t have a beach and the temperatures do not really rise that much until June to really walk around in a Tshirt and short pants or even a bikini at the pool. So normally I wouldn’t really get tanned before the end of July after two months at the pool after office hours.

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April Style – Salt Body Scrub

Body Shop Body Scrub African

It’s already past spring breaking into our lives this year but with the difficult April weather it is quite easy to spend time at home rather than outside. Yesterday I checked my little style bible by Frederic Fekkai on what to do in the beauty sector for this month and found a tip saying to get a salt body scrub. It would be like a little Spa treatment for at home and remove the toxins from my skin…
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A year of Style: April

April is a month of change. Spring wants to arrive but it is still unclear what the weather will bring. This month is associated with rain, rainy days, staying at home or never to forget to take the umbrella with you when leaving the house. But a cloudy sky and a sinking mood, waiting for the good weather to come back, doesn’t mean we cannot work on our personal style. April is the month of Maintain. It is a great time full of change which can be used to revive and reactivate the body.

A rainy day in April in Madrid

In his book “A year of Style”, Frédéric Fekkai looks at women from Aix in Provence, France and how they dress on rainy days. They leave no space for the bad mood which comes with the rainy days.

Instead of letting the grey sky effect their mood, they react by wearing more sophisticated clothes. If the temperature is mild, they go singing in the rain under a big umbrella in bright light outfits that flutter in the wind. If it’s cold, they put on stretch pants, a cashmere turtleneck, tall black boots, and throw an oiled Barbour on top of it all.

As soon as the rain started in Madrid this Easter holidays, I went out for a little shopping tour. I headed to Chueca and later to Salamanca to get myself some armor against the bad weather. First a scarf made of cotton I can wear till summer. It has a different pattern on each side and I can wear it in three different ways. I hardly take it off anymore.

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