Welcome to Street Style Madrid! On this page I collect the street style shots I made mostly in Madrid but also in Paris, Berlin and San Sebastián over the last year. On my travels I have the chance to compare streetstyle from Madrid to those of other cities.

It is quite obvious that streetstyle Madrid is unique in the way people love to express their personality with the way they dress. What I love is the diversity and the possibility to shoot real street looks one day, casual chic wear the next and people beautifully dressed up on the weekends.

Madrid Street Style never gets boring when it comes to diversity. There are no rules on how to get dressed here and people do it because they enjoy it. It is far away from being a dress up culture like in Berlin Mitte, weather influenced practical wear in San Sebastián or vintage/all-black looks like in Paris. In Madrid I know I will discover great looks every day if I look for them and get inspired in many ways I wouldn’t be anywhere else.

If you are looking for a photography diary check out Madrilicious on tumblr.
StreetStyle Stockholm Fashion WeekStreetStyle MadridStreetStyle Stockholm Fashion WeekStreetStyle MadridStreetStyle MadridStreetStyle StockholmStreetStyle StockholmStreetStyle MadridStreetStyle Stockholm FashionweekStreetStyle MadridStreetStyle San FranciscoStreetStyle Stockholm FashionweekStreetStyle StockholmStreetStyle San SebastianBackpack StreetStyle StockholmMadrid Fashion Week StreetStyleMadrid fashion week streetstyleStreetStyle Traditional Chueca MadridStreetStyle Madrid Couples Malasañastreetstyle madrid fashion week javiFashion week madrid StreetStyle Madrid Chueca BikesStreetStyle Madrid MalasañaBimba Bose Streetstyle MadridMalasaña StreetStyle MadridFashion week Madrid Street Style DetailsMalasaña StreetStyle MadridMAdrid Fashionweek STreetstyleKnitted outfit Madrid fashionweekoffice chic margiela madridMadrid Fashion Week unique stylesStreetStyle Fashion Week MadridMercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid streetstyleStreetStyle Madrid Hoodieyoung lady streetstyle madridstreet style madrid shoe polisherStreet Style Madrid CallaoStreet style Madrid MalasañaStreetstyle Madrid Gran ViaStreetstyle Madrid ChuecaStreetstyle Madrid CouplesStreetStyle Madrid ChuecaGirl Loewe Bag Madrid StreetstyleStreetstyle Madrid MalasanaMalasaña StreetStyle MadridMadrid StreetStyle ChuecaMadrid StreetStyle MalasañaStreetStyle Malasaña MadridStreetStyle ParisStreetStyle Berlin MitteMadrid StreetStyle Vintage SuitsMadrid StreetStyleMadrid Street Style SpainMadrid StreetStyle SpainMadrid StreetStyleMadrid StreetStyle SpainMadrid Street Style blog Leopard StyleStreetStyle MadridMadrid StreetStyle TriballStreetStyle Sunday MadridMadrid Street Stylemoda callejera street style madridStreetStyle TriballStyle Couple MadridMadrid StreetStyle SummerStreetStyle MadridStreetStyle Madrid MalasañaNordic Style MadridModa Callejera StreetStyle Madrid MalasañaStreetStyle Serrano moda callejeraStreetStyle Madrid TriballStreetStyle MadridMadrid Street Style TriballLondon StreetStyleMadrid StreetStylemoda callejera streetstyle san sebástianmoda callejera street style san sebástianMadrid Street Style MalasanaStreet Style StrasbourgConde Duque Madrid StreetStylestreetstyle san sebástian moda callejeraMadrid Moda Callejera StreetStyleMadrid StreetStyle French Chic moda callejera


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