Welcome back, summer!

Terrace Gardening

I admit I was wearing winter clothes in August, the whole package: boots, hat, wool pants, cashmere sweater and coat…depressing right? Well it were two weeks of freezing 15 and less degrees in the Netherlands (I wasn’t surprised that much) but now I am. Summer is back in September and I really regret not having any fruit trees in my hot garden, it gets up to 30˚C in the sun…and we have brick walls…so extra warm weather here. I am getting back to blogging after a month of holiday and I also will go back to the normal routine, non-gardening stuff and into the depths of life basically. For the moment the last pics of my garden which turned out pretty well I think. Another cleaning and it should be done for this year.

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Gardening Holidays

Garden August

I ended up neglecting any updates while I was out on the terrace…but I’ve got some photographic evidence of my gardening progress.

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How to get up and get dressed: Summer Nights

monday dressing inspiration

Summer nights are the best time of the day in places like Madrid. It’s cool enough to get out on the streets and compared to the north of Europe people really go out. It’s like comparing a desert to a jungle…

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Madrid @ Night #11

madrid night city bikes

Madrid tries to turn into a biking city. With the city bikes to rent it has become easier to have a bike but the prices are quite high. They are running with an extra engine in the back to get up the hills easier, though. It’s still much cheaper to take the metro.

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Dear Dr. Jones: Segovia #4

The Aquaduct Segovia Spain

Is there anything as fascinating as the aquaduct in Segovia? Maybe the pyramids in Egypt…

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