Polish Kopitka

My intention here will be to write about sweets, cooking mediterranean food and dishes I know from all over the world.

My eating roots come from Poland, where we are used to cabbage, potatoes, fish and meat. The country of pierogi and borsch.

I lived for some months with an Italian flatmate and his brother was a cook. Luckily he visited once and I got some exclusive Italian cooking. I learned a lot in this few months about Italy, the Italian way of life and their great cuisine.

One of my best friend is from the south of India and we got invited to her home for dinner. The Indian food is fantastic and so rich on flavours. we normally get the soft version without the extra spicy spices but still it is very tasteful.

Since I live in Madrid I shop at the local market and buy local products. My cooking is now more Spanish and I always have something in the fridge to make some tapas for my friends.

Smoerbroed from Copenhagen

During my travels I try to eat the local food or visit restaurant I wouldn’t normally enter at home. This gives me new experiences and is a great opportunity to widen my food know-how.

Swiss Pralines

Besides cooking I love sweets. Chocolate and pastries are my favourites. I lived in Switzerland for three years and was literally spoiled with good chocolate. The fact that Basel lies on the border to France enabled me to have some of the best pastries during my stay there.

Now in Madrid I am hunting for the best places to enjoy chocolate, ice cream and pastries.

I hope you enjoy reading the food posts and that they give you some appetite as well.

For more cooking check out my Cooking page.

If you want some more sweets here are some nice ones.

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Bon appetite!


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