Inside Dior Madrid

As I don’t like to change my wardrobe every season and prefer to buy things that I like rather than things that are in Fashion, I wouldn’t call myself a “fashion addict”. If I could afford it I might have become a “Dior addict” but I doubt this will ever be the case either.

When I was around 21 I wanted to solve the mystery about looking pretty and well-dressed without worrying every day what to wear. Every time I have one of these problems that affects my daily life I try to find a solution in books. Reading always helped me to understand better and learning about things that interest me is not that hard. Fashion magazines didn’t really helped me with my personal style. They basically show what can be bought in shops but if you don’t really now what you are looking for, this doesn’t help that much.

VFNO 2011 Madrid

The local library was where I found advice. I encountered a book called Elegance by Kathleen Tessaro, which was based on the original version of Elegance by Genevieve Antoine Daraiux. It is a story about a woman who gets a divorce and starts from the beginning. She realizes that her marriage made her care less and less about her outer appearance and she didn’t recognize herself anymore in the mirror. Being single again she has time to start over, making new friends and getting interested again in clothes and appearance.

This is not really my story but the fact that there are rules to looking good and being elegant fascinated me. Following rules but wearing what I like might be a way to put some organization into my wardrobe and my head.

I got myself the original book and started reading and applying some of the rules of Elegance.

Here an extract of the book  that changed my attitude to fashion, style and elegance.

In order to be elegant, you must be in fashion.

If the latest fashion happens to be exactly what suits you best, so much the better!

But if you cannot bear bias-cut dresses, for example, then don’t wear them.

There is certain to be among the fashions of the moment a style of coat or suit you like, and you can replace your dresses when they are becoming to you again.
It seems to be true that fashion follows the law of nature by moving in cyclical pattern. Many a ‘new’ mode is merely the revival or adaption of a forgotten one.

Elegance, Genevieve Antoine Daraiux

You might think the language is out-dated and the words might not be used anymore. Who knows what a bias-cut dress is and who cares?

Inside Jimmy Choo Madrid

Nevertheless the idea of this approach of fashion is, to wear fashion but not to follow it too strictly. To be modern but without looking like you force it. If something from the catwalk doesn’t suit you, it is advisable to rely on your best dress already hanging in your closet than forcing yourself into something that makes you feel uncomfortable in your body. And if your favourite pieces get out of fashion you don’t have to worry. Fashion is a circle that brings back what has been once in fashion. So if you manage to buy things that suityou well you can always wear them again after they have become out of fashion. All it needs is a bit of patience and time.

Inside Miu Miu Madrid

Today after some years I am still thinking about looking elegant when I dress up every day, but I changed the rules according to my age, interests and mood. I want to be comfortable in the things I wear and feel confident walking down the street. Here in Madrid people care a lot about their outer appearance and there are many shops in different prize ranges where people can get dressed.  When I go shopping I still have the book in my mind telling me to buy quality and to buy things that look good on me and not only to buy because the things are in fashion.

I will show you some of my best pieces in my wardrobe and my favourite outfits. Beside that I will give you a look into my shopping bag, where I try to collect the most valuable items from the fashion seasons.

To get to the best of my wardrobe check out the Vintage page or all the pretty things.

If  you want to know what I assume as elegant and worth investing in, check out the little dreams spinning around in my head.

For those interested in my personal style I created a special place: my personal style.

I hope you enjoy my fashion circus.


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