Gotland – Island of Roses and Ruins

After the previous introduction to Gotland here a detailed feature of the ruins and roses around Visby.
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Weekend in Gotland

Gotland Sweden

After Stockholm Fashion Week I spend my last weekend in Stockholm leaving Stockholm. The island of Gotland is situated between Sweden and Latvia, (I guessed right while explaining and later confirming on Google Maps). With a length of 180km it is not small but not to big either to spend a week on a bike discovering the island. We went by boat “Destination Gotland” and staid at the Prison Hotel in Visby. It sounds more adventurous than it was but we had great weather and perfect views on the Baltic Sea. Definitely worth visiting.

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We are Fashion @ Stockholm Fashion Week

Stockholm Fashion Week

I am back with street style today from Stockholm Fashion Week and even though I had you guys starve for Swedish style for some time, I hope I can repay you with some great street style today and the following days.

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On dating a viking…


Dating in Stockholm seems to be like a two-sided sword…nice but frustrating. I have to admit that until now I haven’t met a single lady who was not fascinated be the great amount of vikings (these tall, blond and sporty guys called Sweds) since I arrived in Stockholm. If you come from a place small town where the men are rather boring and dull, Stockholm looks like Valhalla. But as much as the girls here are happy seeing so many viking gods walking around they also complain about the difficulties when it comes to interacting with them.

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Sales Stockholm #1 – Go Local

sales shopping stockholm

Sales season…what can I say about this? It is definitely a time to hunt down bargains but also frustrating once in a while. After traveling for some time now and living in different countries I definitely have my favourite shops but… arrrgh I am far away from them now. What would I give to just switch for a few days! Nevertheless I came to visit some of the local Scandinavian brands (I cannot really say which ones are Swedish, but they were all new to me). I am sure you find something for yourselves among them and I put a list with a few more at the end!

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