My Working Space – Japanese Style

Huelsta Low Desk Japanese

Once you found the perfect furniture, you can’t get enough of it. This coffee table/working space/design wonder is my favorite piece of furniture in our apartment (our huge wardrobe hasn’t arrived, yet so you understand why it didn’t get first place). This table is quite pretty but it is also smart and spacious. It has a 3D effect with the moveable glass piece in the middle. It creates another space under the top piece for books and magazines, makes them visible and creates another space for drinks and plates. When we ordered our living room wall system we actually had a different color in mind but it wouldn’t have matched with the table which is only available in this kind of brown. So to have the table we changed the color of our wall system, which turned out to be the better choice in the end.

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Out Gardening!

French Garden Roses

No posts lately as I have been out gardening a lot. With all that inspiration I got from Monty Don’s travel videos I grabbed my idea of a French garden and now it starts taking shape. There will be a pottage (in mini version), a sitting area with roses and a herb garden are already visible…

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Gardening Therapy #1

Garden Roses

With summer and temperatures around 30˚C I don’t really need any therapy here in The Netherlands but gardening just feels like it. I am trying to set up a “little French garden” on our terrace planting roses, lavender, an olive tree, a cherry bonsai and a lot of herbs wherever I find some place. It is quite relaxing even though working in the sun for 5 hours straight is quite tiring. Compared to office work I never feel like doing an afternoon nap on my desk. Today was also fun when I went to buy fair trade bananas and use the peel as a base for my roses ground and added some caffeine and wait for them to grow big and strong. In the meantime I’ll copy my cats holiday behavior, sleep, eat, play,….

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New In: The Design Files

Wooden Design Bulp Lamp

Some of our new design objects we collected at the Musthaves design store in Delft.

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Le Weekend #1

Garden Decor Vogue

Spending this weekend with our new bench for the garden and decorating with new lavender from the local garden center. We got us a car and finally we can drive to buy some furniture. For the rest of the of today it’s design catalogs and the Vogue Book by Dutch Vogue.

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