My Working Space – Japanese Style

Huelsta Low Desk Japanese

Once you found the perfect furniture, you can’t get enough of it. This coffee table/working space/design wonder is my favorite piece of furniture in our apartment (our huge wardrobe hasn’t arrived, yet so you understand why it didn’t get first place). This table is quite pretty but it is also smart and spacious. It has a 3D effect with the moveable glass piece in the middle. It creates another space under the top piece for books and magazines, makes them visible and creates another space for drinks and plates. When we ordered our living room wall system we actually had a different color in mind but it wouldn’t have matched with the table which is only available in this kind of brown. So to have the table we changed the color of our wall system, which turned out to be the better choice in the end.

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How to get up and get dressed #12: Autumn Coolness

monday dressing inspiration

The last week of late summer started with clouds and a grey sky nobody will envy us for. It’s not very cold nor does it rain but neither do we see a glimpse a sunshine. So there is no better way of starting this autumn weather than dressing accordingly. I had a lot of training wearing my wool stockings, high boots and winter felt jacket this summer already. This combination of cashmere, felt and leather is my favorite so far. If possible I wouldn’t take of this pullover anymore for some time in the future but life is not fair. Your best things won’t last forever and the worst always hide in the back of your closet, right? Well I will be buying cashmere again, definitely this winter. What’s your favorite winter piece this year? Continue reading How to get up and get dressed #12: Autumn Coolness

How to get up and get dressed #11

monday dressing inspiration

Summer seems to fade away turning into a distant memory while winter is approaching. Today I present you one of my favorite summer combinations, that well is quite classic. A white shirt, golden linen shorts, roman sandals, a color statement clutch and a not so small pearl necklace. If worn over-sized, it looks cool and relaxed all I need in summer.

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How to get up and get dressed: Summer Nights

monday dressing inspiration

Summer nights are the best time of the day in places like Madrid. It’s cool enough to get out on the streets and compared to the north of Europe people really go out. It’s like comparing a desert to a jungle…

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Out Gardening!

French Garden Roses

No posts lately as I have been out gardening a lot. With all that inspiration I got from Monty Don’s travel videos I grabbed my idea of a French garden and now it starts taking shape. There will be a pottage (in mini version), a sitting area with roses and a herb garden are already visible…

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