Dear Dr. Jones Segovia #3

Segovia Main Square

Segovia Main Square

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How to keep up your Spanish #3

Instituto de Cervantes Madrid
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How to keep up your Spanish #2

Playlist Spanish Music

I have to admit that when I started learning Spanish some (OMG I have to think about it to remember) 8 years ago, I was pretty naive. I bought three CDs (back in the days when the internet was something super exciting and Wifi moved into everybody’s home) of Shakiras early Columbian music days. Even now I have to stay focused to be able to follow her songs completely but back than it made Spanish a mysteriously difficult subject. Later on I discovered that there are actually South-American singers who sing at a moderate speed. I became a big fan of Julieta Venegas from Mexico…When I have a good day I even listen to the very Spanish El Cigala music, only Spain could produce. Those of you who have been to a Flamenco show know what I mean.

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How to keep up your Spanish #1

Spain and Madrid have shaped me quite a bit in the last four years. The weather is sunny all year round, the food from the market is fantastic and the people are easy to talk to. Madrid is creative and lively, never really sleeping and it’s never too late in this city as they say it in the Almodóvar movies.

In the last four years I went from half A1 level Spanish to quite a good understanding if you don’t count the different accents all over Spain. I speak Spanish every day and when I go abroad it is the language that connects me to other Spaniards. Now that I moved I am thinking about how to keep my language skills up and improving and I came up with a few possibilities to keep up your Spanish:

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Chinchón: Food and Spanish Life

While walking around Chinchón we realized very fast that they have strong realtionship to food and especially garlic. On our bus ride we have seen many olive trees and vines.

ChinchónWalking past the building you find many people offering garlic, herbs, soap and almonds on small tables infront of their front doors. I asked and been told that garlic soup is a traditional dish here in Chinchón.
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