Cooking Polish Tomato Soup

Polish Tomtato Soup

When I went to La Polonesa in Madrid, I realized how much I like the Polish version of tomato soup with noodles. For Christmas dinner I decided to make it as a starter and looked up the recipe on the web.

The result looked like this:

The recipe is very simple and the cooking time is around one hour.
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Cooking in Switzerland

Carbonara made by the brother of my flatmate

Every time I go for a visit to Switzerland I will be cooking Pasta Carbonara. I learned to do it the italian way with parmesan and eggs from the brother of my former flatmate. He is an italian cook and I am still trying to achieve the perfect result 😉 He brought his own pasta made by his mother so that it was really a unique eating experience.
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Spanish Cooking with my flatmate

Spanish Cooking
All night full of people enjoying tapas at Plaza Santa Ana

Very soon after I moved to Spain my former flatmate invited me to go for tapas at Plaza Santa Ana. We ordered a selection of montaditos, jamón and cheese. It was delicious and I wanted more 😉 It was not only the going out for dinner that I desired but the ability to make tapas on my own. Besides I had to improve my Spanish skills when it came to all the names of the many dishes you can order at a tapas bar.
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