Going back in time and seeing the future @ Fundación Mapfre showing YSL

One evening my flatmate told me about an exhibition at the Fundación Mapfre in Madrid. She told me they show beautiful haute couture dresses from Yves Saint Laurent the designer. I didn’t know too much about Yves Saint Laurent at that time, but I love clothes and especially adore them if they are of good quality. So I went to see the exhibition and came back with a lot of impressions and knowledge I had not expected to get. The exhibition is spread over three floors and shows designs from Yves Saint Laurent’s time at Dior, an incredible collection of ball gowns, creations inspired by different cultures from all over the world, designs on paper and a video of his last fashion show before he retired. In one corner of the exhibition you could have a look at his desk and the wall behind it is filled with pictures including a photograph of Catherine Deneuve, his muse and friend whom he dressed in Belle de Jour. It is worth to go just for the clothes, they are so beautiful, but when you take an audio guide, which is only 3€ (the entrance is free) you can learn so much more.
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Chamber of Lights

This was my favourite room in the Centro del Arte Reina Sofia. The light was constantly changing and sometimes we were in the dark. The room itself was very small and the effect in the pictures came from the mirrors which covered all the walls.
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Color, Peace and Creativity

My favourite of the big museums in Madrid is the Centro del Arte Reina Sofia. It is famous for Picassos Guernica and it’s collection of Dalís work. What made me come back since I first went last June is the fact that they are also hosting many different exhibitions at a time.
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