Looking Back on 2014

Madrilicious Amsterdam

It’s quite funny but when you have a blog it is much easier to look back on what happened this year than without one. So writing a post about this topic starts with going back about 22 pages and reading my first blog post of the year. This year started with Essentials and after moving from Madrid to the Netherlands in the middle of the year, I had to size down on a lot of stuff to make it there sane. It went much easier after I found a good and cheap shipping service but many things didn’t make it here. Essentials have become my favourite words when it comes to have a functional wardrobe and home. Even now I hardly buy something without asking if it is really needed and where it is going to be stored.

Next up was Madrid Fashion Week and it was my third time visiting and photographing people outside of a runway show. Probably the last time as it feels a bit too artificial when it comes to the dressing and at the end of the day we all take the same pictures just from a different angle. I don’t really think that great photography exist at this kind of events.

After I read about the hormonal disorder our bodies are going through and that it causes PMS, menstrual cramps and many other diseases I decided to follow Alissa Vittis book and went on a health pilgrimage. Remember the fruit water I was trying out. Once summer ends tea is back and the fancy water experiments forgotten. Let’s see next spring…

Btw, I am still on the health pilgrimage and I didn’t have to take pain killers against menstrual cramps anymore. It is probably one of my favourite achievements this year…being free of monthly pains (if you are determined everyone can do it and should).

The quotes, who doesn’t get inspired by them, right? I have my favourites but all quotes in my collection are worth reading and a good reminder every day.

I posted a lot of the beauty products this year but I have to admit that I am not using many of them anymore. It is connected to the story about the hormones and the fact that they struggle to stay in balance when we put too many chemicals into and on our bodies. So for the benefit of my own health I want to go back to the original ideas of good beauty products: they should come from natural sources, be free of toxins, animal testing and edible…therefore in 2015 I will make my own.

I hope you enjoyed the house tours I gave you and all the decoration inspiration. We just finished the raw version of our apartment, after 6 months, and next year we start with the fine details. So there will be more and more coming…

I will be resuming my photography, especially the Cities @ Night series in the future. It has to get warm first but it will come again. I am still a photographer at heart as I realise with every year that I learn and understand best visually and taking pictures is just pure joy.

I know I haven’t posted any Monday Dressing ideas lately but we just got our closet delivered (after 4 1/2 months, long months) and it is going to be resumed soon. I have an entire essentials wardrobe to show you, no fancy, fashionable pieces but timeless, robust and chic classics.

As soon as I have a routine-like life (please spare me) here in the Netherlands and get to travel around more, I want to resume the Dr.Jones series. There are so many places to go and see and I know that Life is made of time and not wishful thinking, right. Also I want to show your around what I consider an adventure into culture and history as learning from books is just not the same.

I started Gardening which I regard as a life long occupation. There is nothing much to explain except that gardening is a way of therapy, self-sufficiency, making yourself happy, getting in touch with nature, sunshine, fresh air, rain, getting excited about something green coming out of a pile of dirt (earth, sorry). If you have lost or never had any connection to nature, a garden can heal this disorder immediately. I grow my own herbs, fruits and vegetables. Our cat loves to play in the garden and I learn more about nature and wildlife any book could teach me (at least I wouldn’t understand it as easily). I even have a garden blog, so that’ what I do when I forget about fashion, photography and the perfect wardrobe. At the end of the day we all should create our Garden Eden to life, love and break free sometimes, right. What do you think?

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