How to get up and get dressed #12: Autumn Coolness

monday dressing inspiration

The last week of late summer started with clouds and a grey sky nobody will envy us for. It’s not very cold nor does it rain but neither do we see a glimpse a sunshine. So there is no better way of starting this autumn weather than dressing accordingly. I had a lot of training wearing my wool stockings, high boots and winter felt jacket this summer already. This combination of cashmere, felt and leather is my favorite so far. If possible I wouldn’t take of this pullover anymore for some time in the future but life is not fair. Your best things won’t last forever and the worst always hide in the back of your closet, right? Well I will be buying cashmere again, definitely this winter. What’s your favorite winter piece this year?

  • Cashmere pullover by Annapurna
  • Denim high-waist and wide leg jeans by Jetlag
  • Boots for the Netherlands
  • Bag Vintage
  • Felt Jacket by Harris Wharf London

monday dressing inspiration

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