How to get up and get dressed: Summer Nights

monday dressing inspiration

Summer nights are the best time of the day in places like Madrid. It’s cool enough to get out on the streets and compared to the north of Europe people really go out. It’s like comparing a desert to a jungle…

I don’t wear black during summer days in Madrid as it can be quite a killer, black attracts the sunlight and heats you up even more than normal (38˚C and more) which is already a reason to stay in the shadow. So at night it is when black can shine again. Combined with flat shoes for bar hopping, a white blazer for contrast and a basket for the bit of French chic we all want so badly, right?

  • Blazer by Kookaï
  • Flats by Christian Dior
  • Linen Pant by Sabotage
  • Silk Top by Armani
  • Vintage Pearl Necklace
  • Basket by Dille&Kamille

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