Daily Luxury #1

Daily Luxury

If there is one thing I wouldn’t give up in my every day life is the sense for luxury. The urge is probably a better workd but I rather keep my sense to find luxury. Luxury for me is the ability to enjoy certain things without the pressure of time. To create a space and life where there are no limits to your own happiness. The true luxury is timeless and without borders. You could even say it is beyond dimensions. But instead of going into the relativistic theory of luxury let me tell you about my daily luxuries…

Daily Luxury

I love the idea of going beyond the ordinary. When I moved in with my boyfriend we were very lucky to not have any overlap in our shared belongings. I had a vacuum cleaner while he had plates (you see what I mean, right?). Anyway we both had cutlery, mine vintage silver while his was Ikea. I waited and hoped and one day he told me that he prefers the shiny silver better and immediately the cheap Ikea one had to go (I was ready to get rid of it the moment it arrived). It was probably more expensive than mine I got at the flea market but it certainly differs in value the other way. Luxury is for me beautiful things you treat with care, keep and which make you feel good.

  • This Bavarian China set was maybe less than 20 Euros but I have it for 7 years now, it looks much more special than any white plate or cup and to use it feels luxurious.
  • To create a southern, warm atmosphere I bought many plants like Lavender, Olive and brought my African Crassula tree (it is with me for 22 years now and grew from a single leaf). Being able to grow and nourish this southern feeling at home is quite a luxury to me.
  • Orchids are luxurious plants that grow on trees in the tropics. They can bloom twice a year if you take good care of them (most people think that after they stop blooming they actually die, but this never happened to any of my orchids). I love the colors, the shape and the exotic feeling they spread. Luxurious yes, expensive no.

Next month let’s talk about daily food luxuries, and please share your opinions in the comments.


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