How to get up and get dressed Summer Hot #4

monday dressing summer inspiration

I once saw an article on a plane magazine about a couple that dedicated their life to the love for cashmere. I understand but for me in summer it’s rather linen…I just don’t understand why it doesn’t get more attention. Does anybody enjoy wearing polyester? Well today I show you my Saturday shopping outfit. It’s hot but I am wearing a jacket. The trick here is that it’s white (white reflects the sun light) and linen which keeps the heat away and let’s your skin breath. Smart right? It also give this bit of sophistication Saturday mornings at the local supermarket so often lack, right? Well here where I live now, people travel from far to go to Primark, it is really refreshing (and rebellious) to look more, well snobbish-smart but easy-cool.

  • Blazer from Kookaï
  • Levi’s 501 vintage
  • Jewellery vintage and from Madrid
  • Sandals from Cypers
  • Basket from Dille and Kamille

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