Being different #6

Plato quote

There is always a price to pay for everything in life. Hard work, patience and stubbornness do not come with fun, flexibility and freedom. Today let’s talk about the dark side of being different.

Plato quote being different
Quote on work, patience, stubbornness
Hemingway quote on being alone
Marilyn Monroe quote

I don’t remember how many times I have said no to people just because I didn’t want to do things that just weren’t right for me. I have seen expressions that just say that they couldn’t understand, nor would try to. Don’t do this was more often a signal sentence that I am on the right path than on the wrong one. People always expect the bast of you as Marilyn Monroe says in her quote but are hardly willing to except the dark side of perfection. With strangeness come loneliness for sure but once you feel good in your own company you won’t feel lonely anymore, well that’s what I think at least.


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