Being Different #4 – Weird Stuff

weird awsome quote

Have you ever been told that you are weird, crazy or strange? Well if your answer is yes, congratulations from my side. Not because you probably make others feel irritated but because you are not afraid of not being what others expect. Today let’s focus on the word weird and why it is an achievement rather than a dysfunction of your system.

Jim Morrison on being weird quote
Being weird quote
Robin Williams madness quote
Dali quote strange

I don’t believe that doing weird stuff just to do weird stuff is a sustainable lifestyle. Anyway for most of us crazy birds what we do is just what we like and what has always been our kind of normal, it’s weird for others because it is out of the reach of their imagination…so here a list of things I have been called weird for.

  • I did mayor in Math and History as the only one in a school of more than 1000 people…why would you do this, well I like it.
  • Studying Physics makes you the object of being weird and even more when doing theoretical, math-heavy stuff. Being called crazy by other Physic students… really this is quite weird to me.
  • I used to go by bike to University. Not special but the distance was 20km and twice a day so 40 in total…weird again but I only lasted one summer semester.
  • Photographing: I got asked if I am applying for a Japanese citizenship because I was snapping away constantly on my travels…later I just found out that I am just one in a million…
  • Wearing dresses, being in “fashion”: Getting judged for dressing up is quite sad, I understand when people don’t follow trends (I avoid it normally) but being weird for dressing nicely is just too much.
  • Not drinking alcohol and not eating fast food: I think being looked at strange when you say you don’t want to drink alcohol (I used to do this when I was younger just because I prefer to observe first and try later) and for not eating fast food or unhealthy stuff is just ridiculous. It’s my life so do what you want but don’t mess with me. Most of it is immature thinking, no? I think this happens in your late teens and early twenties before people around start accepting that everybody is allowed to have their own opinions.

They say time heals all wounds, I rather not believe this. It is your own will to recover from the past that heals you mentally. I enjoy being told that I am weird from time to time, it means I haven’t lost my spark of madness yet. Let’s finish today with a quote that fits:

Oscar wilde being different quote

Do you have the will to be weird and what’s the weirdest thing about you…share and let’s discuss. Btw get more weird stuff on my Pinterest.


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