How to get up and get dressed #6: Summer Hot #1

Summer Dressing

Have you ever heard of the French wardrobe, it is said to be superior to all it’s foreign counterparts. One of the things I most hate when it comes to dressing, is to not see what’s actually in my closet. I just cannot live with a mess or lack of organization. In a French wardrobe they start from a basic amount of clothing for every day life. No fancy pieces just shirts, pants, skirts, blouses, dresses, denims, shoes, bags and accessories. If you are a purist or Scandinavian your wardrobe is all black and white. I normally try to live by the idea of less is more and more quality is always better (not necessarily attached to a designer label). Therefore I try to minimize the amount of things I wear and keep searching for the basic perfection.

It’s summer and those lucky holiday goers are definitely happy if they can travel light and bring back beautiful memories instead of tourist souvenirs. The next seven weeks it’s also holiday dressing on Madrilicious and the rule is less and light.

Summer Dressing

  1. Vintage long linen dress in yellow
  2. Chloé Sandals
  3. Panama Hat
  4. Vintage Straw Handbag from Italy
  5. Antique Gold Bracelets from Turkey

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