How to keep up your Spanish #2

Playlist Spanish Music

I have to admit that when I started learning Spanish some (OMG I have to think about it to remember) 8 years ago, I was pretty naive. I bought three CDs (back in the days when the internet was something super exciting and Wifi moved into everybody’s home) of Shakiras early Columbian music days. Even now I have to stay focused to be able to follow her songs completely but back than it made Spanish a mysteriously difficult subject. Later on I discovered that there are actually South-American singers who sing at a moderate speed. I became a big fan of Julieta Venegas from Mexico…When I have a good day I even listen to the very Spanish El Cigala music, only Spain could produce. Those of you who have been to a Flamenco show know what I mean.

Playlist Spanish Music

So here is my Spanish playlist:


Julieta Venegas: Realmente Lo Mejor


Shakira: Dónde están los ladrones, Pies Descalzos, Grandes Exitos, Fijación Oral

Spanish Music Lovers:

Bebo and Cigala:

Lágrimas Negras

What’s your favorite Spanish music?


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