How to keep up your Spanish #1

Spain and Madrid have shaped me quite a bit in the last four years. The weather is sunny all year round, the food from the market is fantastic and the people are easy to talk to. Madrid is creative and lively, never really sleeping and it’s never too late in this city as they say it in the Almodóvar movies.

In the last four years I went from half A1 level Spanish to quite a good understanding if you don’t count the different accents all over Spain. I speak Spanish every day and when I go abroad it is the language that connects me to other Spaniards. Now that I moved I am thinking about how to keep my language skills up and improving and I came up with a few possibilities to keep up your Spanish:

Keep up your Spanish Skills

  1. Reading books in Spanish – this is quite good for understanding and improving as new words always pop up and you get to learn literature Spanish as well.
  2. Watching movies in Spanish, I definitely will do this but restricted to original Spanish movies.
  3. Talking to Spaniards and making Spanish friends to practice the language.
  4. Taking classes at a Spanish school for further improvement.
  5. Visiting Spain. I definitely come to visit Madrid and all the other great places in Spain and even South-America to keep speaking and interacting with Spanish.

Next time I want to introduce my favorite Spanish movies and music for those of you who also try to keep their Spanish skills up or are learning Spanish by doing. What’s your favorite thing to do and do you have any extra tips I could add?


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