How to get up and get dressed #4: Nerdy & Hot

monday dressing inspiration

It’s summer and time to slowly take of the sheets of not-yet warm enough clothes. There is quite a funny mix of weather each day in the Netherlands, something between warm and freezing and it seems to be walking on the edge more often than necessary. While I try to dress for the weather without getting out of my normal Madrid kind of style, let’s try to be a bit edgy too today.

monday dressing inspiration

I like to mix vintage hot pants with classy pieces, it looks good in a smart way. On top I add some nerdy pieces from Oddity London or vintage finds like this skull necklace. I am having fun dressing, don’t feel boring with my sweater but also not too sexy to walk the streets. Would you go all nerdy-classy-sexy?

  1. Levi’s 501 cropped blue jeans
  2. Noa Noa Silk-Cotton Cardigan
  3. Italian knit top
  4. Lola Rey Leather Sandals
  5. Nerdy Ring by Oddity London
  6. Bracelet by Oddity London
  7. Skull Doll Necklace – Vintage

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