Saturday Sum Up #1 Dressing for Dutch Summer

Dutch Summer Style

It’s been a week since I got on a late night flight and finally moved to The Netherlands. All my clothes in one place, I still don’t believe it. The last time I could say this must be two years ago just before I went to Basel for summer holidays. Anyway it is now summer and I am in The Netherlands. I don’t really knew what to expect, I decided not to cry in advance and keep my hopes up for this Dutch summer season. There is a beach only 20km from the place we live and in May we reached already 28˚C…

Dutch Summer Style

Since I am lucky enough to have a big mirror now and a lot of leisure time to waste (I sometimes fall asleep due to the climate change, but I promise to be better in the second week) I managed to record my Dutch weather armor. As the weather here changes by the hour, the humidity always hits the higher marks rather than the lower half of the scale and we are actively transporting everything and moving around only on bikes, the sartorial choices are limited. Anyway there is nothing your favorite designer denims cannot do to make you happy even in the worst conditions, right?

Dutch summer dressing

The week went basically from late winter to humid summer and I was really saved by my Cashmere pullover and denim jacket combination. I believe this cold feeling came from the temperature shock you get living in a warm country for some years. On the other side when the hot weather hit on Monday/Tuesday I was more than ready to enjoy it…now we are back to clouds and rain again.


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