Must Have Attitudes #1

Oscar de la Renta quote attitude

After seeing the importance of attitude and looking at how people like Salvador Dali, Grace Kelly and others have defined their outlooks on life by their attitude it is time to give you my three favorite life changers. I have to admit the right attitude is something personal and not everybody agrees with personal affairs in general but trying every day something that lifts our self-confidence cannot hurt too much.

Walk like you have three man walking behind you.
Oscar de la Renta

Attitude Oscar de la Renta

Feel important, feel relevant and don’t forget that you have the power to lead others even though you might think you seem weaker than them…This attitude really straightens your back and makes you feel important all in one. It also defines your wardrobe, make-up and hairstyle. I normally like the idea of being able to be an example for others so this attitude made my top 3 list. What about you, will you walk like you have three man walking behind you?


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