Madrid @ Night #3

Madrid Night Fountaine

There comes a certain kind of freedom you experience rather as a woman than as a man in Madrid. There is hardly any sexual harassment on the streets. Put on your hot pants and tight top and all you get is old man saying Vaya or Guapa if they are still able to say anything out of excitement. I can count the times some guy tried to hit on me in the middle of the street and it never happened at night.

So when I live here I feel pretty much liberated from the image that girls who dress nice and show their beauty are easier to approach and asking for it. Walking around at night in the green area of Paseo de Prado is like the easiest thing to do. I have never been scared nor intimidated less than in Madrid and I used to dress down and avoid some places in other cities just to have my peace. Thumbs up for the love culture in Spain.

Madrid Night Fountaine

Any similar experiences in other cities, I would also appreciate comments on how it is in The Netherlands.


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