Friday in Madrid is Date Night

Madrid Date Night

There is something special about Madrid that you won’t find to such an extent in other cities in Europe or even globally. Once you have been to Retiro in summer you get the feeling that people go there to make out on the grass, well they don’t really make out but the first time it can be quite confusing. I once met with a group of Couchsurfers for a picnic and had to find a group of strangers in the park. Well it was not so difficult as they were sitting in a circle with no body contact between them, chatting away while the surrounding couples were literally entangled…

Madrid Date Night

Love is literally in the air and people are not afraid to show it. The real action is happening at home but you can see the lovey-dovey couples everywhere. I think it is quite nice to be able show your happiness independently of your age as you can see above.

What do you think about this city love atmosphere, too much or just right?


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