Attitude #6

amy winehouse attitude quote

While the other two quotes by Grace Kelly and Salvador Dalí are a no-brainer when it comes to admiration, this one is quite tough. Amy Winehouse sings about a man but I also think it applies to all of us. It is a fact that you cannot help until help is wanted. It is also very difficult to really help others change their outlook on life if they are not willing to abandon bad habits and learn good ones.

Amy Winehouse Attitude Quote

I used to go out and party in Madrid quite a lot, and I met many girls my age who did the same. Many of them with no confidence, shy and looking for a boyfriend. Hardly did I met a girl who actually had the self-love you need to find the right partner, friends and be happy in life on the long run. Of course not all girls in their mid-twenties are depressingly insecure but it is a scheme that is more common than should be.

I realized then that helping people is quite hard. If you try to explain they might listen but not really understand. If you try to live it out for them and be a good example they take it easily as arrogant or a single case of luck they are not able to achieve for themselves. At the end you cannot live their lives but hope they understand for themselves one day.

That’s how most friendships get into a dead-end street, when you try helping where no help is going to change anything until the mind is ready for it. I wouldn’t say no help is good enough but being a good example and giving others the freedom to help themselves is the better way. We only have so much time and we shouldn’t use trying to change others or take control of their lives.

How do you help your friends find the strength to get through rough times without getting over-protective?


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