Attitude #4

Attitude Salvador Dali

Last week we talked about the importance of attitude, how it can mean the difference between a world of limitations to a world of opportunities and freedom. In the talk of Stella Young it became pretty clear that not only your own attitude is important but also the attitude that you get from others. This week let’s look closer at some of the most noteworthy attitudes we can find from the most admired people of the last century.

Salvador Dali Attitude Quote

It takes some kind of genius (hard work, passion and the will to die before giving up on your dreams) to get to this point of conviction but what other attitude is out there that is worth copying more than this one. No way I believe Salvador Dalí got this feeling without being convinced of his own greatness. I wouldn’t mind getting up in the morning an feeling the pleasure of being me, walking through the day with this happiness…a bit of madness is allowed as well or you wouldn’t get to this point.

Anybody else feels a bit jealousy like I do?


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