Saturday Shopping Madrid: A bit of Rebellion

Madrid Shopping Rebellion

Since the 15th May rebellion around the world and the campamento en Puerto del Sol in Madrid, there is a certain anger and fighting spirit hanging around the city. Nobody is satisfied when talking about politics and especially the young generation in their 20’s feels disappointed. I would have never thought standing in the crowd 2 years ago on Puerto del Sol, that this rather patchwork-style movement could be turned into a set of motivational and fun tshirts, magnets and bags like it has been done by the team of Chapa Indignada.

This pieces are not only motivational but mark a historic changing point in the Spanish mind. Even though nothing really changed so far, the people are more conscious of their situation than they were before. It has left a scar in the face of the youth of Spain from which it still has to recover. Anyway for those who have lived through this troublesome times and moved on with another valuable experience, things like these mementos are priceless.
Besides some rebellious Saturday Shopping Madrid, non-rebelliously I got a Picasso calender from Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza which will probably end up as art pieces on my future walls.

Saturday Shopping Madrid Rebellion
Saturday Shopping Madrid Rebellion
Saturday Shopping Madrid Rebellion


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