Attitude #3

Virgina Woolf quote attitude

Attitude Virgina Woolf

We live grow up in an un-free world, which is quite sad. Well most of us do, the few lucky ones don’t realize their freedom until they are much older anyway. The reason is that we grow up in societies with limitations and expectations we are not always meant to accept or fulfill. Who is able to say at a young age that he doesn’t want to walk down the same path as all the other children, doesn’t want to be told what he has to think and fit into the scheme by giving the correct answers to questions that never change. Freedom comes not from following rules but from experiencing it first hand. When we break free, travel, meet people from different backgrounds, make mistakes and grow we achieve this kind of freedom that cannot be taken away so easily. We learn that being the person we have become is much more valuable than fitting into the frame. But it takes another step away from the life of a free soul back to the life we were meant to life, in a community, making a living. The difference is that now you should have realized that the freedom you experienced is a freedom to think for yourself, go to places where you learn new things and break the limitations others try to put on your mind. With this freedom you can never be imprisoned into a world that is not yours.

No matter what you do I will always be free – I believe this is a great attitude and a powerful strength. What do you think?


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