Vintage Suitcases: Do or don't?

Vintage Suitcases Madrid

I am a pretty busy thinker when it comes to interior design. It starts with an idea of what colors look good once the floor is decided and the walls are painted. The next is a long search on pinterest for more inspiration and already perfect places I could move in. After a while with a clear idea in mind it’s time to search for what is in my reach, the things I can afford and buy without going to Australia to buy the perfect boomerang for an exotic touch in the living room (just kidding, there is of course the perfect website for this somewhere).

Decoration never leaves me bored or without anything to do. Last weekend at the furniture market of the Barrio de las letras, I saw this mainly decorative vintage suitcases assembled and crowned with Donald Duck himself. I don’t really see myself having this kind of decoration in my house. At the moment I rather have useful furniture and go for less is more, let’s do the minimalism thing and don’t buy any excess stuff we don’t need anyway. I’d rather avoid becoming an old couple one day with the house filled with stuff I am afraid to throw because it might be useful one day…grandparents seem all to have the same hobby of keeping things. Therefore no suitcases for my house I think, well no old ones for decoration. What do you think about big vintage suitcases, yes or no?

Vintage Suitcases Madrid


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