Summer Shopping Madrid: Malasaña

Malasana Shopping Madrid

I think I made my point that summer shopping Madrid is quite a pleasurable experience with all the nice and inexpensive stuff you can get. This time I got one more vintage short Levi’s 501 for my collection, a “Made in USA” denim jacket from Magpie Vintage Clothes and a striped long dress to wear with it. Besides vintage stuff we found some local souvenirs from Malasaña like this round magnet for my fridge and a Spanish humor shopping bag. I’d rather have this as a piece of art on my wall than use it too often. If I had to give you some advice for today “Besa y Lee, disfruta de tu lengua” would be it, which means nothing less than “Kiss and read, enjoy your tongue”…a priceless piece if you ask me. I also got me two books in Spanish for further language studies, so far I resisted reading Spanish books.

Malasana Shopping Madrid
Malasana Shopping Madrid
Malasana Shopping Madrid

My favorite shops in Malasaña include Magpie Vintage Clothes, The The Storage (no mistake here), Sin Clon Ni Son and the small market that they have on Plaza Dos de Mayo. As you walk around this neighborhood you should look out for more small shops that sell handmade clothes and accessories as well as fun articles like Mr.Wonderful cups and this shopping bag I found. Madrid is full of designers who make cool and beautiful stuff you won’t find anywhere else. For more on Madrid Shops check out my Pinterest site.


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