Happiness…the holy grail of Life?


I am not trying to anger some religious people here but let’s try to figure out how to be happy today. Happiness is one of the great mysteries of life even though we all (hopefully) have experienced moments of happiness. Most of the times you cannot really control happiness and it always seems to depend on outer influences if you are happy or not. But I believe very strongly that true happiness can be achieved on your own, without 100 pairs of shoes or designer handbags (welcome to my world fine leather industry, please keep yourselves from writing me hate mail) or any kind of luxury, the ability to eat as much cake as you want without gaining weight or the admiration of others…the list can go on and on. Happiness is something that comes from within. I would even go as far as to say that once you reached the point when you understand happiness you can create it when you need it… sounds weird? Well let’s start with something simpler:

Hemingway Happiness
Hemingway happy quote

Hemingway does not seem very optimistic on my view of happiness, he was a lonely person who despite this fact enjoyed life his own way. To really grab happiness it is more helpful to seek the view of one like Albert Camus who concerned himself with the existence of life.

Camus happy
Kafka quotes

Another way to see happiness is to find what really makes you feel alive. The things you do and the ways you go around in your life. Finding a lifestyle that suits you, accepting the way you are without doubting that being different is fine, is a way to achieve happiness in a time where you get told how to be and behave on a daily basis. It takes time, patience and you have to learn to accept yourself even the parts you feel you rather hated. It is always possible to improve but only if you don’t deny your faults.

Proust Happiness and Grief

Once you are on your way to happiness don’t forget to smile, it’s probably the most effective and easiest way to change your perspective on life. For more on happiness follow my pinterest board.

Be happy quote

So finally tell me what’s your idea of happiness and how do you know you found the holy grail?


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