Madrid, two girls, 100 Euro and 2 hours later…

menorquinas madrid

This is not so difficult a quiz as you can see from the picture. Madrid in summer is shoe heaven. If you come here any other time of the year and see people queuing for stuff it must be something for free, but if you see a queue in summer it is ice-cream or shoes… why you ask, because the prices here are so low that everybody gets a new pair of shoes each summer. The shoe business in the center booms but also means it’s quite crowded. We had our fun anyway today as we went to buy our first Menorquinas or Avarcas and “Made in Spain” Espadrillas from a traditional Madrid shoe shop. Mine are the camel and bordeaux versions and the flat black espadrillas which were quite a bargain. Afterwards some pintxos on C/Cava Baja and a fashion show at home…mid-week girl activities in Madrid, what else?!

menorquinas madrid
espadrillas madrid
espadrillas lobo madrid

There is a huge variety of online stores that sell these espadrillas and menorquinas and also offer free shipping within Spain. Here a selection of online sandal shops.


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