A night out in Madrid

Madrid Night Out

They say it’s never too late in Madrid, but I would say there are certain times that are better than others. Going out in Madrid is really nice as shops close around 9pm and bars open at around 2pm. You can go out shopping late and enter a bar afterwards without being too early or too late. Last night we did exactly this, we went out at 8pm to walk and go to the shops in Malasaña and entered a pub afterwards at around 9pm, when it was still not crowded. Last week in The Netherlands the shops would close around 5pm…it felt a bit strange to be honest. Somehow there was no time left to really enjoy walking in the city, shop and look around.

Back in Madrid I was happy to go home afterwards even though the real nightlife starts around 2am when people queue in front of the clubs. I also like the “everything goes dress code” for a club-free night out in Madrid. Here in my cashmere pullover, D&G jeans, vintage straw handbag and Oddity-London Movie collection earrings.

Madrid Night Out

How do you like my short hair? Finally my earrings can be seen.


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