Ecua-Andino: The genuine Panama Hat

Ecua-Andino Panama Hat

It’s on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list, it is made of a palm-like plant, meant to be rolled up, comes from Ecuador and is one of the most iconic hats for summer. The Panama Hat is not only a piece of the chic wardrobe but has much more to offer than just shade against the South-American sun.

Ecua-Andino is creates affordable (around 70 Euros), qualitative high and elegant Panama hats in Ecuador. The can be folded, are hand-made and last a long time as key pieces for the perfect summer wardrobe. What else works perfectly with a white dress or shirt and is as easy to wear as a Panama Hat. I was quite surprised how well they look even though I don’t have a perfect hat face. Available online or at Sin Clon Ni Son in Madrid.
For those who haven’t had the courage yet to go into wearing hats, the Panama Hat is probably a nice choice to start with. It is a summer hat, which makes it easier to wear it even if only on the beach or in the garden, it’s a classic so you don’t run the risk of having made some strange fashion choice and it is easy to combine with every summer wardrobe. The only disadvantage is that it’s unisex and that my boyfriend might want to wear it more often than I want to spare it to him…it’s just “The” summer hat of summer hats.

Ecua-Andino Panama Hat
Ecua-Andino Panama Hat
Ecua-Andino Panama Hat
Ecua-Andino Panama Hat


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