Summer Wardrobe – Less is more

summer wardrobe essentials

I have to admit that I am a lazy shopper in summer, and hardly ever hit the stores before the big sales season of the year. But I don’t think it is just my laziness rather it’s the fact that in summer I am more happy to wear a dress I liked forever than go with the latest fashion. I must admit I have about twenty or more summer dresses so that makes the choice to shop a bit easier for me. Still I believe in some basic rules when it comes to summer clothes:

  • There are only three fabrics I wear and those are linen and cotton during the day and silk or linen in the evening.
  • I prefer cotton espadrilles to leather sandals but I have more of the latest.
  • Summer handbags are made of straw and they go with everything all day long.
  • White and colours are for the day time while black is only for at night, it’s summer let’s be more optimistic.
  • Sunglasses and hats are a must especially on the beach.
  • Most important it’s about having fun with your clothes and smile.

The best summer clothes I have are mostly finds on ebay or from 2nd hand stores. I have a pink skirt from sandro and a blue silk jumpsuit from Stella McCartney that are perfect for a more edgy look but most of my wardrobe are shirts and dresses made of linen or silk. Designer brands come second when a gorgeous white summer dress fits your perfectly, I think.
What’s your opinion on the perfect summer wardrobe, less or more, designers or classic pieces?

summer wardrobe essentials
summer wardrobe essentials


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