House Tour #1

Vanity Vintage Mirror

As mentioned before I will be moving to The Netherlands this summer and say goodbye to Madrid. In preparation for that I am spending some time here already to get the new apartment look more like a home than a cave in the flatlands. Interior design is a lot of fun but also quite painful if you want to have it the way it seems to be perfect up there in your head and also if you are not the only one deciding on it. In the meantime between small fights about table sizes and cabinets I manage to do some productive decoration like putting up my first vanity. As I still have most of my stuff in Madrid it looks a bit empty but not for long, I hope. It’s a mix of things like this vintage mirror decorated with Sonja Rykiel for H&M silk roses, a jewellery doll and a random selection of perfumes and nail polishes. Past meets present in this first house tour.

Vanity Vintage Mirror House Tour
Vanity Chanel Beauty House Tour


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