Birthday number 30 – or how to get over it

30th birthdays

Last Saturday I got to celebrate my 30th birthday. I don’t expect you to be shocked about it or anything but it is quite a shocking moment in a persons life (not only for women). Is there any way to prepare for something like this fatal number that makes you feel old even if you are not even there yet? I looked up some advice from the smart and genuine characters of past times and came to the conclusions that 1) everybody worries or talks about aging and 2) there is no remedy except for being happy and doing things you love. Even if you feel young, energetic and happy at all times of your life there will be somebody to criticize you for it so why worry at all about age or your 30th birthday?

30th birthday

Now now let’s not get depressed as it is not as easy as I want to believe it…but there are ways of thinking that may help a bit around this evil number.

It take a long time to become young.
-Pablo Picasso

Another good one is by Eleanor Roosevelt

Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.

The longer I live the more informed I feel. Only the young have an explanation for everything.
-Isabelle Allende

Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.
-Albert Einstein whishes a Happy Birthday.

I had a revelation when I was in Stockholm last year on how to stay young or become young once you get older. The fact that we all have been children once who weren’t shaped in a specific way and lived open-minded in a world to vast to imagine, gives us the opportunity to revive this young spirit once again, keep it safe and stay young as long as we want, don’t you think? Young at heart is all we need to be to not fear age.
For more quotes on staying young and worry less about the number of previous birthday celebrations visit my Pinterest board.
P.S.: I picked up the quote of the best ten years when I was 17 or so and never forgot. The humor behind it is really priceless don’t you think?


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