Summer preparations: Must haves

Madrid, 28˚C and suddenly the entire city changed into the beach look. Shorts and T-shirts is not something to get all excited about here in Spain but it’s the beginning of May and I must say the earliest start of summer I had so far. It’s not a heat wave you can live through and go back to normal day wear, it is the beginning of the actual thing. For those who haven’t experienced a summer in Madrid yet, they don’t call it hell for nothing. Temperatures rise to 38+˚C, it’s super dry and there is no escape except for the few hours you can spend in the pool. Everything you do extra is a waste of energy and just produces extra heat you don’t want. Life happens at night or early in the mornings and the dress code is less is more. It’s still not that bad here and as a tourist right now might be the best time to visit an early summer. For me it is like a reminder to get ready for the hot season so I took out my summer preparations must haves for the moment…

Summer preparations

My summer hat is actually like my ID card from June till September and you won’t find me without since I moved here. Sun protection come directly afterwards. Normally I realize the sun burning my skin after 15 minutes outside in Madrid in summer. Another magic product is the peppermint feet spray which has a cooling effect and releases the feet after walking a lot in summer. We don’t have an air conditioner so I try to cool down my life at home with a fan I got at Do Design this spring. Another thing I won’t leave the house without is a water bottle. The Solan de Cabras bottles are the chicest once I have spotted so far. This summer I am using the honey lip balm from The Body Shop. Another piece that says summer like nothing else is my straw handbag(s). I wear them exclusively when the temperatures are rising and leather becomes uncomfortable. If I had to go with 5 pieces of jewellery for summer those would be my choice. Three simple bracelets I collected over the last 20 years and two pair of earrings, one from Venice and another vintage ones from Madrid. They match perfectly with my summer clothes.

Summer preparations
Summer preparations


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