Short Curly Hair or how to tame the beast

Chanel on cutting hair

Short curly hair is quite a rare combination as women with curly hair keep it rather long than cut it shorter than their shoulders. Let me tell you my personal hair story and share some humor about the curly beast the few of us have to tame every day.

At the young age of 18 (looking back now it feels like yesterday but it is not even close) I decided to cut my hair. It now sounds like an coming of age ritual we all go through one day but I just had enough of my long hair. I was not worried about how it might look or how long it takes to grow back from very short (the kind of short you can have without looking like you went to the military) to very long… what I didn’t expect was that my hair would change its shape. I felt totally betrayed as I hoped for straight, short hair like the looks I had seen in magazines but instead I got curls. At the age of 18 I suddenly had curly hair. Some people got jealous, some liked it others just didn’t but for me it was first of all great to have short hair. It dries in 5 minutes in summer and you can wash it everyday. It looks rebellious and it is a great look in itself…but of course there were these curls that are not easy to treat.

short curly hair quotes

I got this question a lot and it makes sense, there are not many Hair-Chameleons around I think. But since my hair changed into curls I couldn’t understand why people had fake curls on purpose, it just looks wrong to me. They don’t move naturally or look real most of the time. When you go from curls to straight it seems to be much easier.
With time I had to learn to treat my “new hair” properly to not anger the beast, as they say.

short curly hair quotes

Thin curly hair gets dry much faster and needs to be cut more often (I don’t do that and it’s no good). So after I failed to do that in the beginning and looked like the Lion King more than once, I learned my lesson.

short Curly hair quotes

Now I go to the hairdresser once a month more often than before and take extra care about using moisturizers for my ends. You probably all now that your hair has its own personality and I believe that mines aim in life is to challenge me every day. Good morning, it says, I am still here and you have to deal with me. Like a kitten that loves you only when you devote 100% of your attention exactly when it wants it. In my case I have the Lion King on my head. The Lion King that feeds on humidity. Since I lived in Madrid he didn’t come out that often and my hair started to go back to the straight version of my teenage years. Another truth about curly hair is that it never looks great when you try too much. I remember the times I moisturize, style it and try to air dry it as if it is some expensive nail polish with “handle with care” written all over it. Of course it looks ok, a bit artificial but finally good enough to go out. The next morning it seems to stay in shape and just the day when I want have to wash it, it gives me this dirty look telling me that now it is perfect. No way I want to wash my hair now, but of course this is the catch for having curls.

shot curly hair quotes

Would I change my hair style? Probably not. I believe that short curly hair looks great and real curls are difficult to imitate without professional help. So if I can look just a bit like Marion Cotillard or Keira Knightley, I won’t change a thing.

Marion Cotillard short curly hair
Keira Knightley short curly hair


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