Farewell gift ideas Madrid

Mr Wonderful cups

With the beginning of summer the last months of my 4 years PhD position are starting here in Madrid. I still remember when I arrived in Madrid in September 2010 and the same excitement I had back than is still within me now.

Madrid is not the perfect city but it has charm and character, great food, easy-going people you can talk to on the street any time and sometimes great weather. I cannot argue with “9 meses de invierno y 3 meses de infierno” ( 9 months of winter and 3 months of hell). Walking around Madrid is enjoyable if you know how to avoid the tourists or are lucky enough to be here on puente (holidays before weekends so all the locals leave until late sunday).
Madrid is also the reason I started blogging and photographing people on the street, where I started writing for Vaya Madrid and where I learned Spanish. I even believe that I speak a bit Madrileño and that makes it difficult for me to understand people from the Baleares or Canarias. You see it’s difficult to not mix some Spanish into your daily sentences after 4 years in Madrid.
To make the parting easier I decided to buy some memories of Spanish and Madrid for an everyday use…the first thing I will do in my next city is to look for someone Spanish to talk to on a regular basis.
Well here they are my parting or farewell gift ideas Madrid of choice from Mr.Wonderful in Spanish, what would you have chosen to not forget?

Mr Wonderful keyring farewell gift ideas Madrid
Mr Wonderful farewell gift ideas Madrid
Mr Wonderful farewell gift ideas Madrid

I especially get very interested reaction in the cup with Supercow which states that “Everything will be fine because you are the Milk”. It’s a Spanish expression where “La leche” is more of an adjective that says something is just great. Here the milk has superpowers and coffee with milk is just the best.


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