A piece of France on my hands

L'Occitane Handcreme

What started as an innocent idea of “trying something new” and changing my regular brand of beauty products, turned into some kind of obsessive behaviour latelty. I am putting cream on my hands like 10 times a day and then I start smelling them, like this guy from the “Le Parfum” movie in France. This is probably the L’Occitane effect,

a cosmetic brand using traditional ingredients from Le Provence and professional perfume creators help from Grasse. If I just lost you I recommend watching this short movie here about Grasse and L’Occitane. Since my hand cream started to smell so good I cannot imagine going back to something nourishing but with no taste to it anymore. No regrets as it is delicious. My favorite so far is Amande, which is made with almond milk… but I also have Lavande, Cherry Blossom, Rose 4 Reines and Pivoine Flora and I don’t think I will stop here. Have you tried them and what’s your favorite hand cream?

LOccitane Handcreme France


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